Great Indian Developer Summit 2014 (More Information)
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Address: J.N. Tata Auditorium
National Science Symposium Complex (NSSC)
Sir C.V.Raman Avenue, (Landmark: Sri Mariamma Temple, Malleswaram)

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About: With over 22000 attendees benefiting over six game changing editions, Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) is the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software and standards. Packed with premium knowledge, action plans and advise from been-there-done-it veterans, creators, and visionaries, the 2014 edition features a program that will squarely put you ahead of the pack. GIDS will be held April 22-25 in Bangalore. The 2014 conference has four days: GIDS.NET (Apr 22, Tue), GIDS.Mobile & Web (Apr 23, Wed), GIDS.Java (Apr 24, Thu) & GIDS.DATA & Tutorials (Apr 25, Fri). For more information visit

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Contact: E-mail: Phone: +91.80.22484800, +91.9632000010

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