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Address: The Humsafar Trust
3rd Floor Manthan Plaza, Vakola Market
Nehru Road
Santacruz East
Mumbai - 400055

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1. Sanjeevani (Life giver) - A Humsafar initiative for People living with HIV (PLHIV) and working closely with them on Health issues, adherence to HIV treatment, expert health facilitators to guide the members through the channels of treatment at different centers, networking with other agencies who are providing additional support to the PLHIV members. Sanjeevani seeks support from for all those who dare to care.

2. COVID-19 Support - An exponential increase in cases of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in India and the current three-week nationwide lockdown has impacted the LGBTQ+ community in unimaginable ways.Accessing food through public distribution system need a ration card which may not be available with transgender community and other migrant LGBTQ+ persons. LGBTQ+ persons are more vulnerable to mental health issues due to lack of financial and social support mechanisms. People living with HIV (PLHIV) are facing poor access to regular Anti-HIV medications (ART) and health care services for HIV-related health complications. Transgender communities are the most affected by social distancing measures as they primarily depend on begging and sex work for livelihood. In this context, HST intends to help underprivileged LGBTQ+ community members to support the urgent needs of the communities. By ensuring the inclusion of marginalised group such as Transgender/Hijra community and subsequently the larger LGBTQ+ community we can collectively fight the pandemic crisis

3. Umang (Joy) - A Humsafar Initiative of Lesbian Bisexual and Trans (LBT) persons who come together to be part of the community and be visible to the world out there who have closed their eyes and minds to their existence. This support group is exclusively dealing with the LBT and providing counselling and handling the crisis situations effortlessly. Support Umang and say Thumbs Up to the Women power

4. Yaariyan (Friendships) - New era, new stars on the skies of the Lesbian Gay Bissexual and Transgender (LGBT) movement is what Yaariyan - A youth initiative of Humsafar isall about. This group looks at the whole LGBT movement from the perspective of youngand vibrant. They are assertive and not aggressive and happy being Gay. They add colors of fun and new ideology to the vision of the leaders who are taking them to the mark of a free and accepting India for generations to come. Support young Yaariyans!

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