10th Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF - Film Market Submission (More Information)
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Address: Jaipur International Film Festival
47, Saket Nagar (Shyam Nagar)
Behind Shyam Nagar Metro Station
New Sanganer Road, Jaipur Phone: +91-141-6500601, +91-800 3937 961
Rajasthan 302 019

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CHOOSE YOUR SUBMISSION/ BOOKING - One by One:  TM11 - For selected/nominated films in JIFF (feature films)  
 TM22 - For selected/nominated films in JIFF  
 TM33 - For new film submission (feature films)  
 TM44 - For new film submission (shorts/documentaries/animations)  
 TM55 - For world premiere at The Merchant  
 TM66 - For theatres to screen your film  
 TM77 - Booth booking at The Merchant & JIFF  
 TM88 - Pavilion booking at The Merchant & JIFF  
 TM99 - Advertisement in Festival & Market Catalog (digital only)  
 TM10 - Bag Insert  
 TM11- 11 -Logo Screening  
 TM12-12 -Logo on invitation cards  
 TM13-13 -Play Promo in the auditorium  
 TM14-14 -Logo on Festival Schedule (digital only)  
 TM15-15 -For advertisement in JIFF & Market News (daily, digital only)  
 TM16-16 - For Coffee-Table Book (printed)  
 TM17-17 - For The Funds Book (printed)  

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