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'Hunger' breaks persons from inside and the inability to arrange food for one's family to survive is the darkest day in anyone's life. With millions of people struggling every day to get one square meal a day, the invisible segment of our society i.e. persons with deafblindness were left on their own for survival. The pandemic situation made things more challenging for families of children with deafblindness, with many losing their jobs and earnings.

Sense India ensured that essential ration kits are distributed to deserving families with persons with deafblindness/multiple disabilities in these difficult times. Since April 2020, when the country had to face the sudden challenge of complete lockdown, Sense India has procured essential ration items for distribution to needy families through the network of their partners. . In spite of severe challenges to reach families living in containment zones and high-risk zones, team members strived to reach to such families with help from district administration and volunteers.

We have reached out to 1200 families with deafblind children in different states of India and provided them essential food items and hygiene kits to ensure that the children who suffer from low immunity are able to survive the pandemic situation.

Our plans are to continue supporting such families for some more time with the distribution of ration kits. Each kit will have supplies to last a month and costs Rs. 2,500/-.

The description of items included in each kit is as given in the following table.

Ration Kit Item & Quantity

Wheat - 10 Kg

Rice - 10 Kg

Oil - 2 Litre

Moong Dal - 1 Kg

Tuvar Dal - 1 Kg

Turmeric Powder - 100 gm.

Mixed Spices - 250 gm.

Chilli Powder - 250 gm.

Bathing Soap - 3 Pieces

Washing Soap - 3 Pieces

Chawanprash - 500 gm.

Hand Sanitizer - 200 ml

Mask (3 layered) - 10 Nos.

Milk powder - 500 gm.

Medicine - Multivitamin and Vitamin C tablets

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children with deafblindness and their families!!

Your donation is eligible to receive a 50% tax exemption u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961

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About Us


A unique disability, causing extreme challengesSense International India (also known as Sense India) is the first and only national level organisation supporting needs-based services which enable children and adults with deafblindness to overcome the challenges caused by deafblindness.

About 95% of what we learn is through our eyes and ears. Imagine what it is like to be deafblind! Deafblindness is mainly caused in India through Rubella (German measles) which combines varying degrees of both hearing and visual impairment. All individuals with deafblindness experience extreme challenges with communication and mobility; they also have additional physical and medical conditions to overcome as well. People with deafblindness also invariably face severe neglect and discrimination owing to their inability to communicate and relate to the world. They are thus denied the basic human emotions of love and care and rights of education, medical care amongst other needs that are taken for granted by most of us.

Sense India works nation-wide.

It is estimated that there are about 500,000 people with deafblindness in India. Prior to establishment of Sense India, in 1997, only about 25 children with deafblindness received support in Mumbai but today we have been instrumental in bringing hope in the lives of more than 78,000 people with deafblindness.

We combine individual, corporate, institutional and government support to work with a growing network of partner organisations. Our partners provide a wide range of services to identify deafblindness. We also create opportunities for children and young adults through home-based and centre based services to learn communication and daily-living skills and receive basic education and acquire income generating skills which lead to family-based productive activities and independent living..

Sense India enjoys Special Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council (2017).


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