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Saturday , 14th Aug 2021 - Saturday , 14th Aug 2021
04:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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About Us

About Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Surgeons' Community

The beginning:

The AWR Surgeons' community (AWRSC) was started by Dr B Ramana along with Dr Pramod Shinde and Dr Ramesh Punjani as an informal Whatsapp group in January 2016. The group became popular and the group reached it's full capacity within the first month itself. The main purpose of the AWRSC was to share knowledge, solve common problems speedily over an informal platform. Educate, train, and mentor surgeons in the concept and science of herniology.

Multiple initiatives were started in the form of CMEs, workshops, training programs (in India and overseas) in the best of institutions and with the faculty in the field of hernia surgery.

As this informal platform became popular a need was felt to create a formal organization to carry out the activities and ensure quality, growth, and discipline.

An "AWR Surgeons' Trust' was formed with three founding members on trust deed was written on 14 December 2017.

Conference Secretariat


Office No. 4, Ground Floor, Anmol Co. Op. Housing Society, Sakharam Keer Road,Shivaji Park, Mumbai 400 016. Tel.: +91 22 2438 3498 / 99