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Avail EventAvenue's Online Survey feature to make your event a grand success!!

Online surveys are a great way for event managers to obtain key event-related data that can help them to plan future events efficiently, evaluate past performance accurately and take remedial measures when necessary. EventAvenue, one of the leading online event registration and payment solutions, offers an Online Survey feature that enables you to conduct a pre- and post event evaluation to ascertain the views and opinions of participants before and after their attendance at your event.

Online surveys can help you identify the target audience for your event and gauge the expectations of potential attendees. Our Online Survey feature provides you with a standard template that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

You can access a range of online customisation tools that allow you to add questions, modify the 'look-and-feel' as well as the existing nomenclature in the questionnaire template. For example, if your brand colours are blue and white, you can change the questionnaire’s background to match these colours. You can even add a logo or image, if required.

Moreover, you can create a new survey within minutes using this ready-to-use questionnaire template. You can also use the online tools provided to add customised questions in any type of format such as text boxes, multiple-choice responses and checkboxes. When the questions or sections on the standard questionnaire do not collect all the information required, you have the option of adding sections to the questionnaire. Please add relevant sections and questions in the survey to obtain the best results.

By analyzing the data collected through these surveys, you can decide on the most beneficial course of action. In fact, well devised online surveys can deliver maximum results at minimum costs.

Harness our EventAvenue solution to collect relevant information quickly, easily and effectively, and help ensure the success of your events!!
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