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Registration Forms
Online Registration Forms
Ready-to-use customizable standard registration form format
Customize field and/or question names
Add unlimited custom fields to collect any type of information
Use different field types like check boxes, multiple choice, drop down, radio buttons and more
Make fields mandatory

Customizable Forms
Built-in online customization tools for branding purposes
Use the Color Palette or a Ready Template to create a customized look quickly and easily
Add images and logos to registration pages
Create and upload custom animated event headers and footers

Multiple Registration Types
Create multiple registration types per event
Create custom agendas per registration type
Create separate pricing for each registration type
Assign currencies based on registration type
Offer discounts for each registration type with unique discount codes
Send each registrations type a customized confirmation email

Pre-Set Limits Waitlists
Set limits for your event based on number of attendees, registration types and agenda items
Set a waitlist to automatically display once registrations limit is reached
Auto-Manage your waitlists
Create and set mails to Auto-Notify attendees incase of cancellations
Set “Sold Out” messages to display automatically once the limit is reached

Group Registrations
Offer large groups or delegations a Group Registration option for your event
Ease registration process by enabling one person to register the entire group
Offer discounts on group registrations
Allow members of a group to make substitutions, additions & cancellations

Discount Codes
Create unlimited numeric and text discount codes
Add discount codes to registration type and agenda items
Offer registration type specific discounts
Create and offer percentage or flat rate discounts
Limit the number of discounts offered for registration type(s) and/or agenda item(s). For example: Offer discounts to only the first 10 registrations
Automate early-bird discounts to stop displaying past a set date i.e delegates will not be able to view or select the early bird discount after that date

Recurring Registrant Tools
Offer 24 x 7 online registration and payment facilities
Pre-populate previously registered attendee’s information