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Get ready to walk down the red carpet at The India Digital Awards!

December 28, 2011 - Mumbai, India.

The camera lights are flashing, the red carpet has been rolled out and the stage is set for the most prestigious awards of the digital world. Digital entrepreneurs - one and all, will come together to celebrate excellence in the digital world. The Event? IAMAI's annual flagship event - 'The India Digital Awards'. When? 18 January 2012. Where? India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Think of it as the Oscars of the digital world.

Today's economic scenario is based on the 'Grow or Die' phenomenon and is fiercely demanding of every business big or small to maintain a continuous and steady growth. eCommerce has delivered in every aspect and how! Infact, it is the bestseller around town. It has been improving continually, with innovative ways to make online shopping even more appealing such as better mobile apps, and an increased involvement of a feeling of reality into websites and new options that boost online sales through social media etc.

This year India has crossed the historical threshold of 100 million internet users recording a brisk 24% growth. The strategic and policy announcements by the government and infrastructure providers suggest that with a little effort India will have 300 million internet users by 2015-16 and 600 million internet users by 2020 making it the biggest open internet access market in the world. Therefore, the year 2012 is critical from two aspects:
  • The infrastructure should start rolling out.
  • A business plan to cater to a 300 million-user market should start.
It is with this background that the 6th edition of IAMAI's annual flagship event The India Digital Summit has been planned.
  • The Summit with keynotes and panel discussions with best in class speakers on future of current business models and emerging models of consumer fulfillment.
  • The annual Digital Awards, which recognizes most successful categories of online businesses. The Awards will have 6 main categories and 33 sub categories.
    1. Digital Advertising Awards
    2. Website Awards
    3. Mobile VAS Awards
    4. Digital Payment Awards
    5. Digital Social and Economic Empowerment Awards
    6. Special Awards
  • The Digital Innovation Exhibition, which highlights emerging ideas.
The Summit was held on the 18th and 19th of September, 2011 at The Habitat Centre, New Delhi. If you missed it, you need not worry. You still have the India Digital Awards (18 January 2012, The India Habitat Centre) and The Innovation Exhibition (18-19 January 2012, The India Habitat Centre) to look forward to. Come be a part of the prestigious Award ceremony and The Innovation Exhibition. For the first time, IAMAI is organizing an exhibition for promoting innovation in digital space in India. At this exhibition, a host of entrepreneurs from all across India will showcase their innovative products and services.

This is an opportunity for you to applaud your efforts and gain further recognition in this field. We encourage you to register and nominate yourself. You have an option to register online or via the offline registration process.
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