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Welcome to the Resource section of our website. This section contains articles and tips that will help you manage your events more effectively.
  Extend a helping hand through EventAvenue
With the rise in worldwide disasters and calamities, the need for Non Profit Organizations has never been more prominent.

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  Double Delegate Numbers at your Event
I am not going to bore you with facts such as 'Delegate numbers are the basis by which your event is judged a success'; as an event organizer, you already know that.

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  What not to do when organizing an event?
Organizing an event is not easy. You need to take multiple elements into consideration - people, preferences, expectations, timings, schedules, geographies etc.

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  Using Your Website to Boost Event Attendance
Communicating with people from different parts of the country or even the world is no longer a time consuming task.

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  Surveys can help increase event numbers
Have you ever organized an event that had dismal attendance, not because the event wasn’t planned well rather because you did not have sufficient knowledge about your audience and you had insufficient time to gather the same?

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  EventAvenue can change an Event Manager's life!
How would you like an event management solution that will help you get the job done twice as fast and just as well or even better?

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  Why is a booking engine essential for any event?
An event without a website and a booking engine is like a cricket match without the key players that will win the match for.

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