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Admission Enrollment
Living in Delhi while applying to a school, college or institute in Mumbai is complex; yet year after year thousands of students journey (on multiple occasions) to other states to collect forms, sit for entrance exams and pay fees. This process is not only hard on the students but also on the schools, colleges and institutes in question.

EventAvenue offers you an unparallel Education Fee Collection solution that will expedite your application distribution and fee collection process. It comes with an in-built payment gateway that enables student pay their fees - admission, exam etc. directly online. It has comprehensive accounting and reporting module that enables your Accounts and Administrative Depts. to issue fee receipts and student lists report respectively easily. By launching your school, college or institute online and adopting the Education Fee Collection solution, you can accelerate your admission and fee collection process while reducing your staffs' workload freeing them to undertake other tasks. It also reduces data entry errors due to messy handwriting and human error. It can automatically handle almost all your pre-admission, on-site and post-admission easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

The Education Fee Collection solution is useful to any school, college or institute with the following types of programs:

  • Random Fee & Examination Fee Collection: Distribute and accept admission forms directly online. Plus, collect random and examination fees for exams such as NMAT, CAT, CET, GMAT etc. directly online from students across India easily with the widest range of payment options.

  • Virtual Class Rooms: Running online courses? Simplify your admission process with EventAvenue's Education Fee Collection solution. Now, you can launch your entire process online from accepting applications to collecting fees.

  • Training Programs: If you have certification courses like SISA or preparation programs for CFA®/ FRM® exams then you can now manage the entire process from distributing applications online forms and sending acceptance letters to collect fees online. This includes applications and payment for hostel accommodation

Now, launching your school, college or institute online and enable students to locate information about your institute and the courses you offer, download and submit application forms and pay fees directly online, easily

Benefits of EventAvenue’s Conference Management Solution:

24 x 7 Admission Form Acceptance and Fee Collection
EventAvenue's Education Fee Collection solution enables you to distribute and accept forms on your website 24 x 7. Students will be able to download forms at their convenience and pay will be able to pay their fees on acceptance directly online.

Private Label
Promote your institute's identity by using the built-in online customization tools to customize the admission form with your institute's logo and other images. With EventAvenue's Education Fee Collection solution, you get a wide range of online customization tools that enables you to customize your fee collection booking pages to look and feel like your website.

Reduce Workload & Logistic Costs
EventAvenue's Education Fee Collection solution reduces administrative costs such as paper and printing. It also enables your Registrar/Admin. Team to manage fee collection, issues fee receipts, accounting and generating reports easily through a web based interface (M.A.R.S. account). This account is password protected to ensure the safety of your data. The Registrar/Admin. Team will also be able to raise Personalized Fee Receipts for students applying for multiple courses and hostel accommodation, simultaneously.

Fee Collection
Simplify your fee collection process using EventAvenue's instant payment facilities. The EventAvenue Education Fee Collection solution is backed by the most comprehensive online payment solution in India offering widest range of payment options - credit cards, net banks (India's largest direct bank debit engine), debit cards, cash cards & mobile payment options, all bundled into one solution. You can now collect fees from students using all major credit cards, 15+ debit cards, 40 Indian net banks, Cash Cards and Mobile Payments.

Auto Mails
Alleviate student placement concerns with auto confirmation emails once the admission is complete. This feature also eliminates the cost of printing and couriering acceptance letters. Also, receive emails notifying you of new registrations, updated registrations, cancellations, and incomplete registrations.

Student Convenience
Enable students to apply for courses and hostel rooms simultaneously by offering a hostel accommodation option in your admission form.

Start collecting fees online immediately with EventAvenue's Education Fee Collection Solution!
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