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As much as people enjoy cricket matches, concerts, plays etc., all of them hate the process of acquiring tickets. Rushing out during lunch to the stadium or concert ticket counter to buy the tickets and get back before the boss finds them missing or heading to the ticket counter after a long day at work, standing in lines that never seem to end is frustrating and annoying. What's worse is that sometimes after all these efforts, they come away empty handed because the ticket counter was closed or the event sold out.

As an event organizer, you are already aware of the problems faced by your target audience. You also aware that lack of time and booking convenience, keeps many more individuals that are interested from attending your event. You can alleviate these attendee problems, increase your attendee numbers and enhance attendee satisfaction by launching your ticketing process online. This will enable interested individuals to book tickets for your event at their own convenience, day or night, without leaving their offices or homes.

Whether you are organizing concerts, sporting events at stadiums or marathons and triathlons, launching your ticketing process online is easy. EventAvenue has launched an Online Ticketing solution that will enable you to manage almost all aspects of your pre, on-site and post event tasks easily and directly online. It is suitable for any type of ticket-based event from sit down concerts to sporting events held in stadiums.

The Online Ticketing Solution has a flexible, customizable and extremely easy-to-use interface. It enables you to automatically manage inventory, sell ticket online, accept payment in real time, maintain customer information in a single database, generate reports easily and conduct CRM exercises. You can also create and sell ticket with different levels of admission prices for a single event. Create time sensitive "Early Bird" or limited availability "Special Offer" tickets to drive purchases.

Benefits of EventAvenue’s Online Ticketing Solution:

24 x 7 Ticket Sales
Unlike your ticket counters, your website never closes. Your attendee will be able to buy tickets at anytime - day or night and from anywhere in the world. And, you can collect payments in real time. Sell tickets on your website 24 x 7 with EventAvenue's Online Ticketing solution.

Reduce Workload
EventAvenue's Online Ticketing solution automates many of your mundane, time-consuming everyday tasks like report generation, ticket counting and sales. Thereby, reducing your workload and freeing up more time for other activities.

Private Label
EventAvenue's Online Ticketing solution is flexible and customizable in nature. Using the wide range of online customization tools, you can customize your ticket booking pages to look and feel like your website.

Reduce Logistic Costs
EventAvenue's Online Ticketing solution comes with a cost-effective 'Print' option that enables attendee print their tickets immediately instead of waiting for a courier. This 'Print' feature increase attendee satisfaction and reduces your logistic costs - paper, stamps, courier etc.

Collect payments for tickets immediately from attendees through EventAvenue's in-built payment gateway. EventAvenue ensures you can accept payments from attendees from all walks of life with its wide variety of payment options. Currently, EventAvenue has all major credit cards, 15+ debit cards, 40 Indian net banks, 20 Chinese net banks, 3 Singapore net banks, Cash Cards and Mobile Payments. And, you can expect more options in the near future.

Mass Mailing
Communicate with multiple target audiences simultaneously and easily with EventAvenue's auto emailing feature. You can mass mail potential attendees informing them about the match or concert, send invitations etc.

Customer Relationships
EventAvenue's Online Ticketing solution automatically stores your attendee's information in a database. This will help you provide returning attendees with value additions like pre-populated forms, which will simplify the booking process. It will also enable you to conduct CRM exercises that will help stay in touch with your attendees, find out what events they will be interested in and improve your relationship.

Start selling tickets online immediately with EventAvenue's Online Ticketing Solution!
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