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Donation Collection
When disaster occurs, whether it is an earthquake or a tsunami, people don't stop to think that this disaster is effecting India, Mexico or Africa, which is on the other side of the world, they want to reach out and help. If you are running an organization that collects donations to aid disaster-ridden countries or one that aids the poor, the sick and the marginalized, you can now collect donations from people across the world easily using EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution.

EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution is also suitable for charitable trusts and religious organizations that offer religious services online to close the wide chasm between God, the temple and the people.

By signing up for EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution, you can collect funds instantly from people around the world. It integrates into your website and works for you from anywhere, at anytime. It provides you (NGOs, charitable trusts, etc.) with an entire customizable booking engine, which includes an online customizable registration form, a selection of currency and payment options, a real time 'auto' confirmation mail etc. and in-built tools to manage your donations, invoicing, CRM, accounting and reporting tasks. It also has an online database where you can maintain a list of donors who support your cause and account of past donations. You can even send personalize 'thank you' mailers through this solution. This wide range of features and functionalities will enable you to appeal to a larger more global audience easily.

Benefits of EventAvenue's Donation Collection Solution:

Collect Donations 365 x 24 x 7
Geographic barrier do not stop a person living in the US for sympathizing with people undergoing a tragedy in China. By launching your charitable organization online with EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution, you can collect donations from living anywhere in the world easily without worrying about time zone barriers or worrying about how to collect a donation from someone living 3000 miles away. With EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution, you add a real time donation collection facility to your website.

Just because you run an NGO or Charitable Trust organization in India, doesn't mean that your donors are Indian. They could be Spanish, German, and American etc. If you accept donations from both Indian and International donors and if you are an 80G certified NGO, you can request for a FIRC. EventAvenue will provide you with a quarterly/yearly Foreign Remittance Certificate (FIRC) for processing foreign currencies, as per your requirements. To simplify, the payouts will be currency based and will be redirected in different bank accounts.

Reduce Workload
EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution automates man of your mundane, time-consuming everyday tasks like storage/maintaining of donor database, report generation. Thereby, reducing your workload and freeing up more time for other activities.

Private Label
Donors more than any other person transacting online are vary of fraud. If your website has one look and feel and your online donation collection pages have another, your donor's worries about fraud might cost you a donation. EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution offers you a range of online customization tools that will enable you to customize your donation collection pages to look like your website.

Multi-Currency Solution
One of the strongest reasons to integrate EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution with your organization's website is its multi-currency feature. EventAvenue offers the following currencies - AED-UAE Dirham, BHD-Bahraini Dinar, EUR-Euro, GBP-United Kingdom Pounds, INR-India Rupees, MYR-Malaysia Ringgit, NZD-New Zealand Dollars, OMR-Omani Rial, SGD-Singapore Dollars and USD-United States Dollars. This wide variety of currency options make it easier for donors from the above mentioned countries to donate to your cause.

Multiple Payments Solution
EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution comes with an in-built payment gateway and the widest range of payment options. The variety of payment options will enable people using different payment methods to donate without any hassle. Currently, you can accept payments from donors using all major credit cards, 15+ debit cards, 40 Indian net banks, 20 Chinese net banks, 3 Singapore net banks, Cash Cards and Mobile Payments. Plus, we are constantly negotiating with banks and other financial institutions to add new payment options to this already impressive list.

Customer Relationship
EventAvenue's Donation Collection solution automatically stores your donor's information in a database. This will help you provide returning donors with value additions like pre-populated forms, which will simplify the donation collection process. It will also enable you to conduct CRM exercises that will help stay in touch with your donors and inform them about the different donation drives or religious services you are holding.

Start collecting donations online immediately with EventAvenue's Donation Collection Solution!
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