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To run any business with ease and efficiency, you need to have the right tools. You can not run a 21st century business, with the aid of a typewriter. Can you imagine the look on your clients or customers face if replying to a letter takes hours, maybe days instead of minutes? A typewriter would mean a mistake requires you to manually retype of the entire document. And, making multiple copies is not a simple matter of changing 1 to 10 when printing; you need to create each document individually. To run a business today, in the ‘Internet Age’ you have to have a computer and Microsoft Word that makes correcting a mistake a simple process of editing the document and reprinting.

How would you like an event management solution that will help you get the job done twice as fast and just as well or even better? A solution that will make the current way you manage events obsolete, the way Microsoft Word did to Typewriters. EventAvenue will do to the current practices of the Event Management Industry what Microsoft Word did to Typewriters; make them a footnote in the pages of history.

The key benefits of EventAvenue are simplicity and automation. EventAvenue simplifies and reduces the number of steps taken to achieve a task. EventAvenue has a range of highly automated online features and tools that will help ease tedious manual processes and help you manage your event easily and at a click of a button. Be it registration, sales, invoicing, CRM, accounting and reporting tasks; EventAvenue can automatically handle almost all of your pre-event, on-site and post-event tasks easily, quickly and cost-effectively. EventAvenue will help you to reach out to your delegates, ramp up event attendance, offer online registration facility on your website, ease up the logistical hassles and tune up financial performance.

EventAvenue is an online event management solution that has a range of specialized solutions that help manage different types of events.
For the Conference Manager or Organizer, EventAvenue has a Conference Management solution that will simplify the event management process. The Conference Management solution has a range of powerful online tools that will automate your work processes, manage registration, sales, invoicing, CRM, accounting and reporting tasks. It automatically handles almost all of your pre-event, on-site and post-event tasks easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution helps you to reach out to your delegates, ramp up event attendance, offer online registration and hotel booking facility on your website. It also allows you to collect payments in real time, collect surveys to get delegate feedback and tune up financial performance.

Benefits of EventAvenue’s Conference Management Solution:

24 x 7 Registrations
Unlike your staff, a website never sleeps. With EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution, your delegates will be able to visit your website at a time convenient to him (24 x 7) and register and pay for your conference. This added convenience can increase registration volume and enhance delegate-organizer relationship.

Reduce Workload
EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution automates many of your mundane, time-consuming every day tasks like registration, sales, invoicing, accounting and report generation. This will reduce your workload and provide you with more time to plan and manage other activities for you event or other events.

Highly Customizable
EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution is flexible and customizable solution. You can modify the solution to meet your event requirements using the wide range of powerful online tools provided. For example: You can add custom fields to your registration to collect information and you can add your event logo, images, colors etc.

Increase registration volume by offering the widest and most diverse range of payment options on your website. EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution enables you to accept payments from attendees using all major credit cards, 40 Indian net banks, 20 Chinese net banks, 3 Singapore net banks, Itz Cash Card and Mobile Payments.

Communicate Made Easy
EventAvenue provides you with a range of communication features that will make communicating with multiple audiences easy. With EventAvenue’s Auto-Email facility, you can send personalized communications, emails, invitations etc without exerting much effort or expense.

Customer Relationships
EventAvenue’s Conference Management solution automatically stores your delegate’s information in a single database. This helps you provide previously registered delegates with value additions like pre-populated forms which will enhance the registration process. You can also use this information to conduct CRM exercises. For eg. Build a relationship with your delegate by stay in touch with the delegate year round. This can help increase delegate registrations.

Start accepting registrations from delegates immediately with EventAvenue’s Conference Management Solution!
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