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Provide Your Participants with an Enhanced Payment Experience by Availing Our Customised Invoicing Feature

May 16, 2016 - Mumbai, India.

Recent studies suggest that the organized event management industry in India has grown at a rate of 15% each year from INR 2,800 crore in 2012 to INR 4,258 crore in 2015. This growth rate is expected to further extend up to 17% and reach an estimated INR 5,779 crore by 2016-17. But the considerable success of the industry poses fresh challenges to event management firms such as the needs for superior branding, improved user experience, enhanced payment collection, better customization and variable pricing.

EventAvenue's 'Customised Invoicing' feature meets all these challenges well. This innovative payment facility has been designed to help you increase brand visibility, achieve higher sales and boost the growth of your business. The recipient can check the details of the invoice sent through SMS or email before clicking on the payment link to complete the transaction conveniently. Our Customized Invoicing feature gives you the flexibility of adding your terms of payment and editing other details in a smarter way.

The 'look and feel' of your online invoices can now be suitably customised as per your requirements. You can make the necessary changes to match the color, font, and theme of your website with minimal effort. Insert your logo, and make changes you feel will optimize your branding and give a seamless experience to your customers. Our new Invoice Editor even enables you to preview your invoice while making changes.

Raising a customised invoice with EventAvenue is quick and simple. You can do it in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 : Login to your EventAvenue backend.

Step 2 : Fill in the required fields in the invoice template such as User details, Address and Bill number.

Step 3 : Customise your requirement by selecting your preferred font, colour and text.

Step 4 : Click on the Send Invoice button, Transmit to your Customer and Collect!!

Our Customized Invoicing feature will help give your business the competitive edge since it provides you with the flexibility to offer attractive discounts and affordable pricing. You can now offer discounts on an individual basis, and negotiate rates with donors, sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates. Sending your invoices through email is any day better than the offline method as it saves much of your operational costs such as printing, posting, etc. You can also track your invoices with considerable ease.

So, avail our Customised Invoicing Feature to augment your payment collection efforts and ensure the rapid growth of your event management venture!!
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