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Managing Huge Events Can Still be Simple, Hassle-free and Fun with EventAvenue

February 1, 2016 - Mumbai, India.

"It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe," wisely noted Robert W. Service, a British-Canadian poet and writer. Exceptional online event management solutions like EventAvenue enable you to scale up high mountains easily by taking care of the sand grains, which are various hindrances in your event management activities that block your path to success.

EventAvenue offers a range of powerful tools that enable you to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, maximise attendance, enhance profitability and customise your branding for multiple events. One of the best registration and payments solution in the industry, EventAvenue ensures that most of your activities get done more easily, quickly and effectively.

(i) Online Registrations
EventAvenue’s highly flexible and customizable registration form templates enable you to launch your event online and start collecting registrations within hours. The 'look and feel' of these forms can be customised to match your website branding. You can also add new sections to collect specific information and provide branding with aesthetic logos.

(ii) Online Ticketing
Our cost-effective ticketing facility allows you to sell online tickets for plays, concerts and other events 24 x 7. You can simplify your ticket sales procedures with this convenient booking and payment mode.

(iii) Wide Range of Payment Options
Never lose an attendee because of a lack of payment options. EventAvenue has an inbuilt multi-currency payment gateway that offers a large bouquet of payment options, including all the leading credit cards, debit cards and net banking facilities.

(iv) Online Surveys
You can avail the ready-to-use customizable questionnaire template to create a survey within minutes. There are online tools provided to add customised questions in any type of format like text boxes, multiple-choice responses and check boxes.

(v) Invoicing
Raise invoices directly online to save on operational costs (postage, printing, courier, etc). You can offer discounts on an individual basis with delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, or donors. Moreover, you can easily track your Invoice payments with available reports.

(vi) Customised URLs
EventAvenue enables you to create a customised URL for your event registration form which can help enhance the branding of your event.

(vii) Report Generation & Accounting
EventAvenue has an advanced Reporting feature that can help you create a range of reports like statistical and financial reports. You can also view the account summary and track earnings (payouts) of your events easily and conveniently.

Now avail EventAvenue's wide array of features to make your life simpler, increase the participation at your events, enhance their profitability and make them a resounding success!!
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