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Make Your Event A Grand Success With Our Powerful EventAvenue Solution

October 6, 2017 - Mumbai, India.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” – Seth Godin, a reputed American author and entrepreneur.

Avenues has been offering the perfect product for event organisers for well over a decade. ‘EventAvenue’, this tried and tested solution, offers powerful and comprehensive event management solutions for conferences, seminars, concerts, marathons, exhibitions, webinars and other type of events. It also provides web-based solutions for training programs, journal subscriptions, online admissions, memberships, charities and donations.

With loads of features, benefits and advantages, ‘EventAvenue’ has carved a niche for itself in the field of event management globally.

I) Features

EventAvenue makes event management simple, effective and fun. You can get your tasks done more quickly and efficiently using its range of innovative features listed below.

Online Registrations
Launch your event online and start collecting registrations within hours using EventAvenue’s highly flexible and customizable registration form templates.

Online Ticketing
You can simplify your ticket sales procedures with this convenient booking and payment mode.

Wide Range of Payment Options
‘EventAvenue’ offers a large bouquet of payment options, including all the major credit cards, debit cards, ATM PIN debit cards, wallets and net banking options as well as invoicing capability.

Online Surveys
Conduct pre- and post-event analysis easily with the help of EventAvenue’s Survey feature. Avail the ready-to-use customizable questionnaire template to create a survey within minutes.

Report Generation & Accounting
EventAvenue has a Reporting feature that can help you create a range of reports like statistical and financial reports. All you need to do is set your report criteria and export the report to your computer.

Invoicing Facility
You can also avail our topnotch invoicing facility to collect payments in full or partially through e-invoices. Moreover, you can easily trace your invoice payments with available reports.

Customised URLs
EventAvenue allows you to create a customised URL for your event registration form which can help enhance the branding of your event.

II) Benefits of EventAvenue

One of the best registration and payments solutions in the industry, EventAvenue ensures that most of your activities get done more quickly, easily and effectively. Let's take a quick look at the main benefits of EventAvenue for event organisers.

Streamlines Processes
EventAvenue streamlines and simplifies various event management processes, including attendee registration and payment collection, surveys, invoicing, reporting and accounting, etc.

Improves Efficiencies
Our online tools will save you plenty of time and manpower so that you can focus on other fruitful activities.

Maximises Attendance
Reach out to the largest target audience for your events with our best-in-class online registration and payment collection facilities.

Enhances Profitability
Our online solutions help reduce the costs incurred for various event-related activities due to the streamlining of processes and improved efficiency in operations. Since our features also boost attendance at events, EventAvenue will enhance the profitability of your venture.

Enables Customised Branding
EventAvenue enables customization of your registration link and registration engine, highlighting your brand to create a unique 'Look and Feel' for each event.

III) Advantages to Participants

  • Enhanced Payment Experience
    Provide a quick, secure and hassle-free payment experience to customers making payments on your website.
  • Widest Array of Payment Options
    Give your registrants the flexibility to make payments by choosing from multiple payments mode, including all the major credit cards, debit cards, ATM PIN debit cards, wallets and net banking options as well as invoicing capability.
  • Multi Bank EMI Options
    You can offer Multi Bank EMI Facility to your customers especially for high value transactions, enabling them to make payments easily over a suitable timeframe.
  • Seamless Booking Experience
    Since event organizers can customize the event booking pages to match the ‘look and feel’ of their brand, your customers will enjoy a seamless booking experience on your website.

In case of any queries on our EventAvenue solution, please send us a mail at service@eventavenue.com

Avail our EventAvenue solution to drive growth and efficiency of multiple events!
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