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Enhance Participation At Your Events With Our Responsive Event Registration Page

February 1, 2019 - Mumbai, India.

'Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication'
- Leonardo Da Vinci, the world famous artist. We at EventAvenue have always believed in keeping things simple. In line with this belief, EventAvenue has given a fresh 'look and feel' to the event registration page. Online users will find it much easier to register for your events as there are now just two pages. The first page will contain key event information including the organizer details and logo, venue address, date, timings, speakers and chief guests; whereas the second page incorporates our quick and secure payment process.

The reduction in page hops translates into an improvement in the success rates for bookings as there is now a lesser chance of server/browser drops or abandonments by bookers. Moreover, the entire booking process will be completely responsive and seamless irrespective of the device used.

Here's a brief glance at what's new about EventAvenue's new Event Registration page :
  • The event registration process is now responsive end-to-end
  • It Incorporates a fast and secure two-page booking procedure
  • Participants are given direct access to page - no login required
  • Organisers can display their branding, image and logo more prominently
  • Greater flexibility in terms of customization has been provided for visual elements such as variations in font, colour and headers
  • The new Google Maps feature will make it easier for participants to reach the venue on time
  • The sleek and compact design of the page enhances its visual appeal
  • There’s a new set reminder function for participants to help them keep track of the date and timing of events
  • Speakers and chief guests attending the events can now be highlighted
  • Event bookers can now select the agenda and pricing section-wise using a multiple choice check box - the previous page offered no such choice

Avail EventAvenue’s new Event Registration Page to provide an enhanced booking experience to your event participants and drive revenue like never before!!
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