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EventAvenue offers top-notch Tech Support for prompt query resolution and timely assistance in your business endeavours

Most successful businesses have one thing in common - great customer service. Unlike differentiators of quality, innovation or price, great customer service is a differentiator that cannot be bought; it is a core competency that can only be earned. We at EventAvenue recognise the important role of customer support in building long lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients. Our Tech Support process comprises of a dedicated team of experts who can solve your queries promptly and efficiently via email or telephone.

These experienced Tech Support executives can also provide valuable assistance in the configuration of registration links, customisation tasks, advanced reporting as well as retrieval of records and archive files from our database according to your requirements. Let's take a closer look at these tasks.

1) Configuration of Registration Links
EventAvenue allows you to create a web URL for your event registration form which can help enhance the online visibility of your event. Our Tech Support team can help you with the configuration of your registration links whenever you face difficulties in implementing this process.

2) Customisation Tasks
Our Tech Support team will help you with the customisation tasks for your registration link and registration engine. Every registration link can be customized to reflect - your brand colours or the event theme. It will provide your attendees and invitees a seamless brand experience even before the occurrence of your event.

3) Advanced Reporting and Accounting
EventAvenue has a Reporting feature that displays a range of reports such as the Transaction related reports. Merchants can extract the Excel report from the Merchant Panel. You can also view the account summary and track earnings (payouts) of your events easily and conveniently. In case you face difficulty in generating these reports, our Tech Support team will help you out so that you do not miss out on crucial information that could impact your business.

4) Retrieval of Records and Database Archives
Event Managers would need to closely monitor records of their current events and even analyse historical data of past events to achieve better results in the future. Our Tech Support team can help retrieve records of current events as well as archive files from our database to meet your requirements.

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable Tech Support executives are always willing to assist you in your complicated tasks. They will listen attentively to your specific requirements, and deal with the situation in a sincere, calm and precise manner. Get in touch with our Technical Support team for prompt and effective resolution of your queries, and sail past obstacles successfully with EventAvenue!!
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