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EventAvenue All for one and one for all

Picture this. There is a wedding to be planned in your family. A billion things need to be taken care of, with no room for error. In the days of yore, when there were no wedding planners, every detail had to be taken care of by the couple and their family members. Right from the clothes, to the catering, decoration and even the honeymoon planning, all of this has to be attended to during a wedding. Without proper guidance and help, it can prove to be quite a daunting task and may result in a nervous breakdown for the people organizing the wedding.

However, in today's world, the entire scenario is different. With a bandwagon of wedding planners available, all you have to do is hire a wedding planner of your choice, explain your requirements to him/her, sit back, and relax! Every minute detail will be looked after by your wedding planner, which means that you and your family members can actually enjoy the wedding. The whole idea is that you can focus on yourself while your wedding planner handles other details pertaining to the wedding.

We are always in search of a single solution to multiple 'tasks'.

Similarly, when you think from the point of view of an event organizer, you may have to organize a single event or multiple events at the same point of time. Think of it in this way. Every client of yours may not necessarily have one event to organize. In this world of multi-tasking, people are looking to involve themselves into a multitude of ventures. A single client may have 1, 2 or 5 events to plan and organize at the same time. At such a time, it will be a difficult task for him as organizing and planning a number of events is a multi-person job as opposed to one person handling the whole show. You need different people at different stages of each event. Managing all of these people along with attending to the groundwork of your event is no piece of cake. With so many tasks on hand, there is a possibility of a certain task or detail being overlooked. When organizing an event, one cannot afford to overlook any detail. Every detail needs to be looked after to ensure smooth functioning of the event from start to finish. Tasks like coordinating, stage designing, scheduling, sponsor management, Hotel booking, etc have to be looked after when organizing an event. Above all, the main task is accepting payments and registrations.

This is where EventAvenue steps into the picture. All your payment needs and registration needs will be taken care of by EventAvenue's structured registration and payment process so that you can focus on other tasks. EventAvenue is a solution which enables you to check the number of successful and unsuccessful registrations at any point of time in order to avoid 'No Shows' way before the event is scheduled to be held.

  You can organize multiple events in a single M.A.R.S account.
  Multiple events can be handled by a single bank account or can be directed to multiple bank accounts to satisfy your end clients.

  One time investment, with lifelong benefits.
  Reporting and account summary of each event can be seen at one go. This function is exclusively provided for your convenience.
  When you login, you get to see the status of the number of registrants (successful or unsuccessful) or inventory in terms of accommodation of rooms etc.
  You can focus on details on ground level, as EventAvenue handles the online details.
  When you integrate with EventAvenue, you can provide 50+ payment options (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Cash Card), so that your clients do not have to approach banks individually.
  Customization and configuration of individual links, highlighting your end clients brands, to create a unique look and feel for each event at zero investment.
  PCI and VeriSign certification without any extra cost.
  Comprehensive risk and security management system.
EventAvenue is a solution that will help you at a multi-functional level thereby ensuring you of higher functionality within a single account at no additional cost. It is a win-win situation for you and your clients.

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