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EventAvenue can change an event manager's life!

How would you like an event management solution that will help you get the job done twice as fast and just as well or even better? A solution that will make the current way you manage events obsolete, the way Microsoft Word did to Typewriters. EventAvenue will do to the current practices of the Event Management Industry what Microsoft Word did to Typewriters; make them a footnote in the pages of history.

If you have ever used a typewriter, you will remember the constant stress caused by the need to be accurate in everything you did on the typewriter. There were no undo buttons to correct mistakes; you had to manually start all over again. Making multiple copies meant either typing all over again or dealing with messy carbon pages. You get the picture right? Once, Microsoft Word entered the picture correcting a mistake became a simple process of editing the document and reprinting. Like the freedom Microsoft Word provided its users, EventAvenue will provide you with similar feelings.

The key benefits are simplicity and automation. EventAvenue will simplify and reduce the number of steps taken to achieve a task. EventAvenue has a range of highly automated online features and tools that will help ease tedious manual processes and help you manage your event easily and at a click of a button. Be it registration, sales, invoicing, CRM, accounting and reporting tasks; EventAvenue can automatically handle almost all of your pre-event, on-site and post-event tasks easily, quickly and cost-effectively. EventAvenue will help you to reach out to your delegates, ramp up event attendance, offer online registration facility on your website, ease up the logistical hassles and tune up financial performance.

EventAvenue is an Online Event Management Solution with a plug ‘n’ play interface that will integrate into your website easily and will help you manage your event from anywhere and at any time. Here are some of EventAvenue’s features that will make managing an event easier:

Online Registrations
Launch your event online and start collecting registrations within hours using EventAvenue’s highly flexible and customizable registration form. You can customize the look and feel to match your event, add new sections to collect specific information, add branding with logos etc. You can also create multiple registration types with separate pricing and discounts, offer group registrations and limit number of registrants per group type. And, this entire process is done directly online.

Conduct pre and post event analysis easily with the help of EventAvenue’s Survey feature. Use the ready-to-use customizable questionnaire to create a survey quickly. You can also use the online tools provided to add custom questions in any type of format like text boxes, multiple-choice responses, yes/no and check boxes to your Survey. Save costs by carrying out surveys online and generate survey reports from the results received in real-time.

Why spend hour’s compiling reports when you can auto-generate multiple types of reports using your EventAvenue M.A.R.S. account. EventAvenue is designed taking into consideration that just because an event has ended it does not mean that the work is done. It has a Report feature that can help you create a range of reports like Statistical reports, Financial reports etc. All you need to do is set your report criteria and click the Report generation button. The report will be generated automatically in any selected formats like PDF, Excel etc. This will save you time and manpower.

Mass Mailing
Reduce administrative costs, conduct year round CRM exercise, send e-invitations etc. With EventAvenue as your online event management solution, you no longer have to tie-up a large part of your resources or hire part time resources to send out mails to your prospective attendees. EventAvenue has an Auto-email feature that allows you to create an Email using the ready formats provided and pre-set the email to be automatically sent at any given date. All you need to do is add the content, customize it as per your requirements and upload a list of email id’s to whom you want to send the mail too. A single individual can now achieve this multiple person job.

Labels and Badges
Prevent gatecrashers, track and monitor attendees, reduce your administrative costs and manpower requirements. Use EventAvenue’s ‘Labels and Badges’ feature to provide your attendees with customized and personalized event badges. You can use the any of the ready-to-use format styles provided to create custom badges for your event or you can even reuse a design from a previous event, auto-merge the information directly into the badge or personalize as per your requirements. You can mail the badge to your attendee and save on printing costs. This feature also comes with single or multiple badge print option to simplify your job further.

Payment Gateway
Never lose an attendee because of lack of payment options. EventAvenue has a built-in multi-lingual, multi-currency payment gateway that will enable you to collect payments in real time. It has a wide range of payment options – all major credit cards and 16 Indian, 20 Chinese and 3 Singaporean net banking options.

EventAvenue will help you achieve all of this and more through its user-friendly online solution which comes equipped with powerful online tools that are designed to make managing your event easier.
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