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What not to do when organizing an event? 

Organizing an event is not easy. You need to take multiple elements into consideration - people, preferences, expectations, timings, schedules, geographies etc. which do not necessarily mix and then make them work together. Moreover, all these disparate elements have to work in a synchronized manner to make the event a success. This makes organizing an event a juggling act which might cause even the world’s greatest juggler to falter and drop the ball. Given the intricacy involved in organizing an event, here are a few reminders on what not to do:

The Don’t of Event Organizing:

  Don’t start planning an event before you get a brief from your client. Always remember that there are three elements you need consider while planning
  • The event goals
  • The budget
  • Special requirements (if any)
  Don’t get caught up in the logistics and forget the purpose of the briefing i.e to understand the 'whys and whats' behind the event
  • What is the purpose of the event
  • What are the goals of the event
  • What do the clients hope to achieve


Once you have a clear understanding of the event's goals, here are a few reminders on what you should not to do

  Don’t be hasty. Request estimates from all suitable venues, suppliers and caterers. This will ensure that you will get the best deal and will allow to allocate a larger portion of your buget to other areas.
  Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Organizing an event is difficult enough without having to run around arranging details at the last minute instead of just smoothing out any problems that might crop up. So, always remember to plan in advance and confirm your plans with all relevant parties just before the event to avoid problems.
  Don’t dismiss the importance of a good audio-visual system. Losing the attention of your audience because of malfunctioning equipment is very easy. So, if the venue does not have their own audio-visual system and technician or if their system is not adequate, make sure that you hire an Audio-Visual system of good quality.
  Don’t order the wrong type of food. The type of event dictates the type of food. Serving the wrong food can ruin an event. For example: Serving just snack food during an event that runs past dinner time, leaves guests hungry, distracted and irritated.
  Don’t hire entertainment without an audition. The idea behind hiring entertainment for your event is to set a mood. Rock music at a medical conference just does not work. Make sure that the entertainers know excatly what you want, so that there are no surprises on the day of the event.
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