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Surveys can help increase event numbers  

Have you ever organized an event that had dismal attendance, not because the event wasn’t planned well rather because you did not have sufficient knowledge about your audience and you had insufficient time to gather the same?

Yes? Then, how you like to prevent such a situation from happening again? How would you like to be able to collect information about a diverse audience quickly, without having to spend weeks conducting a survey, analyzing the data and compiling reports?

I am sure your thinking that’s wishful thinking and not achievable. Wrong! All you require is a solution like EventAvenue that will speed up the entire process through automation.

A solution like EventAvenue is custom designed to ease the lives of event organizations. To achieve this goal, they have a range of powerful online tools that can manage different tasks like registration, ticketing, invoicing, sales, reports etc. One such tool is EventAvenue's 'Survey' feature that will enable you to collect information, analyze data and compile reports quickly and easily. You no longer have to waste weeks to design, send, collect and compile. 

How does EventAvenue’s Survey feature work?
EventAvenue’s Survey feature comes with a Standard Ready-to-Use format that is customizable to suit your requirements. You also have access to a range of online customization tools that will enable you to add questions, modify the look and feel and the existing terminology in the questionnaire. For example: If you are organizing a medical conference, you can use ‘Dr.’ instead of the ‘Name’. If the client’s corporate colors are Blue and White, you can change the questionnaire’s background to match these colors; you even have the option of adding a logo or image. If the questions or sections on the standard questionnaire do not collect all the information required, you have the option of adding section(s) to the questionnaire.   

With the flexible and automotive nature of the EventAvenue solution, you will be able to create a Survey within hours. You can also quicken the survey process, by using the Auto Email facility available to send Survey(s) to your potential attendees. By opting to use this facility, you do not consume time and manpower to send surveys individually i.e. open a new message box, type in email id, attach the survey, send it to the attendee and repeat. The Auto-Email facility simplifies the process by allowing you to upload a list of email id’s to whom you want to send the survey to and you need to go through mailing process exactly once before sending the survey to all desired participants (potential attendees). This provides you with 3 benefits - reduction in the amount of time required, number of manpower needed and administrative cost.

Another benefit of the EventAvenue solution is that once you have received replies from your participants, you will be able to EventAvenue's automatic report generation feature to compile your survey result. You can then use this result to analyze and understand the reason behind what made one registration type more successful (received more responses) than another. This will help you target your attendees and/ exhibitors to more effectively.   

What else can you do with EventAvenue’s Survey feature?

  Increase the efficiencies of your work processes with EventAvenue’s in-built CRM tools that will give you the twin benefits of flexibility and automation.
  Maximize returns by providing your sales agents with critical statistics and customer behavior to enable them to run effective CRM programs.
  Launch proactive CRM programs based on current market knowledge.
  Create special last minute sales packages and configure them instantly through your EventAvenue marketplace.
  Conduct surveys via email and get an accurate picture of your target audience.

In conclusion, EventAvenue quick and easy to use Survey feature makes it easy to collect information about your attendees which in turn will help you understand your prospective attendees better. Thus, enabling you to mould your event and your registration types to target prospective attendee more effectively; thereby increasing the number of attendees at the event.
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